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Our Legacy Values

Château Beaurang has always been given values, whether they are environmental, qualitative or economic. Our estate and our job are above all our heritage and make up our values.

We therefore wanted to preserve certain practices such as traditional winemaking, with the maturing of our wine in concrete vats built by the first generation, while adapting and associating ourselves with certain evolutions that corresponded more to our desires and our way of thinking and that allowed us to perfectly combine the typicity and quality of our wines.

Our environmental values - Château Beaurang

Our Environmental Values

Our environmental values are all about wanting to protect our environment. It is therefore quite natural that we have turned to agriculture following the principles of agroecology. Being in France, the country of wine, we were obliged to offer a quality product while respecting our environment. So we have learned to adapt our profession for this very purpose.

Le savoir-faire du château Beaurang

Quality before quantity

Beyond our desire to be respectful of the environment, it is also and especially to our consumers that we want to dedicate our requirements.
To produce a wine of Saint-Emilion, it is necessary to follow the rules and therefore the imposed yields (hectoliters/hectare). But it is up to us to decide when we blend!

For example, for our wine Joseph D'Aragon, which has a particular blending mostly Cabernet Franc, we reserve the right not to make it every year.

Indeed, if during the blending tasting we do not have enough cabernet-franc to be able to produce a Joseph d'Aragon worthy of the palate of our consumers we prefer not to make it for this vintage.

We therefore retain the right not to produce our Joseph of Aragon every year in order to preserve its typicity and fruity taste rather than produce a lower quality wine.

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